Welcome to FSRankings!

Welcome to FSRankings! This site is all about helping you manage your financial life better.

We believe that financial services can do a lot of good. And with technology changing the industry, there are more and (mostly) better options for people to:

  • Borrow money to buy a home or start a business
  • Invest money to retire sooner, more comfortably, and leave a nest egg
  • Get paid for lost wages in case of an accident or illness
  • Accept credit card payments for your small business
  • Refinance credit card debt at a lower interest rate
  • …and anything else related to money!

But like anything technology related, there are a bewildering array of choices. Who has time to investigate them all? FSRankings does! We love understanding these tools. Let us do the work for you.

The first segment FSRankings is covering is robo-advisors, or services that take the place of both high-fee human advisors, and the do-it-yourself stock broker industry. For most people, robo-advisors are a great option to invest. You’ll be paying low fees, while benefiting from some of the greatest minds on investing. Learn more about robo-advisors.

Remember, financial services aren’t really about dollars and cents! The real reason all these financial products should exist is to make your life better by helping you retire sooner, work less, start a business, and help manage nasty surprises.

We hope you’ll find FSRankings helpful!