Here’s the FSRankings ranking of robo-advisors based on average account size. A single person could have multiple accounts (e.g. if you have an IRA and a college 529 savings plan), so there may be fewer actual customers for each robo-advisor.

AssetBuilder has by far the largest average account size, with over $270,000 invested per account. On the other end, Acorns’ focus on “micro-accounts” leads it to have by far the smallest average account size.


Rank Robo-Advisor Avg. Account Size
1 AssetBuilder Logo AssetBuilder $273,832
2 Sigfig_Logo_RGB SigFig $45,877
3 folio_logo_blue_large Hedgeable $40,900
4 Wealthfront_Inc_Logo.svg Wealthfront $44,280
5 betterment_logo Betterment $30,200
6 Ellevest Logo Ellevest $6,930
7 wisebanyan-review WiseBanyan $3,579
8 Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.16.17 PM Acorns $405

Note: Data sourced from the companies directly and SEC filings. Not all robo-advisors listed. As of 1/29/2018. Contact FSRankings if you are a robo-advisor and would like your data updated.