Different robo-advisors are better suited for different investors. Depending upon your retirement goals, investment strategy, and broker preferences, the best robo-advisvor for you may not be the one you’ve already considered. While our quiz may help to point you in the right direction, it is important that any potential investor do his or her own independent research and become aware of the risks and rewards prior to investing.


How much do you plan to invest?

Would you prefer to use the robo-advisory service of an existing major brokerage (e.g. Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard)?

How important are very low management fees to you?

Do you value access to human advisors?

Do you want a "Smart Beta" portfolio that tries to beat the market through alternative index construction?

Do you want a robo-advisor that utilizes tax-loss harvesting?

What Robo-Advisor Is Right For You?

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Sign up here: https://assetbuilder.com/start-now

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Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

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Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

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Fidelity Go

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